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TAKAHO Inc. of a diamond phonograph needle was established on the representative director president Niiho.
The diamond phonograph needle was manufactured and the capillary of semiconductor parts, the collet, the probe needle, the leadframe, the hydrogen torch, etc. were processed after that at the beginning of establishment. 

300,000 monthly outputs produced especially the diamond phonograph needle, and it was counted by five fingers of the industry till A.D.1983 in Japan. 

Moreover, taking advantage of the processing technology of a phonograph needle etc., processing of the capillary for wire bonding established the original production method, and also has produced the ferrule of optical-communications parts with the original production method taking advantage of technology. 

Taking advantage of ultra-precision machining technology, We are dealing with high precision processing of the various quality of the materials and form besides ceramic products, cemented carbide, and stainless steel products to trial production development and mass production now through the above process. 

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